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Rotellando Verso Sud

ITALY, Approximately 1400 kilometres covered, 65 days of travel, 8 regions crossed and 56 stages completed. I could summarize this wonderful experience of “Rotellando verso sud” (“Rotating towards the south”). There are stories that need to be told. Stories of courage and optimism. Stories of example for all. Supported by an unshakable faith in one’s own individual resources, an uncommon willpower and a desire for independence that is also a challenge.

This is the story of Bruno Rupp, “Paolo” for all, a seventy-year-old sprightly man who, a few years ago, suffered amputation of his lower limbs due to diabetes. In the torrid summer of 2019, together with his friend Mauro, he faced an incredible challenge: a journey of 1400 km on his electric wheelchair through Italy, from North to South, from the foggy Brianza to far Sicily. An absurd journey, all by road, without the aid of public transport or means of transport, without planning anything at all. Everything was born by chance, during a dinner with friends. Paolo said: “I can get to Sicily with this electric wheelchair!”. That simple joke between friends gave rise to the incredible journey through Italy of “Rotellando verso Sud”.

“In the common thought is widespread the idea that a disabled person must necessarily be forced to depend on others, to live with constant limits and regrets, but in reality, at least for what concerns me, I think that this is only a big bullshit!”. Paolo Rupp.

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